… performance much improved !!….oil pressure at 75 psi   no hint of running hot …. stayed just above 185 entire time …. much better torque in all gears (stronger then my Healey in the lower gears ) cruised easily at 60-65 MPH …. was never tempted to shift up hills  generally very peppy . Plus engine sounds much smoother.. Bravo 

 Yvan, 1960 TR3A Restoration 


“…very satisfied with the workmanship.  I have never gotten more thumbs up in any car than I got in the Triumph today.  I think it averaged a thumbs up per five miles!”

 Ed T. , 1959 TR3A Repaint Project


“If agreeable to you, we sincerely hope that you might consider taking on the remainder of work needed to finish the [other} car. You have totally impressed us with your competence, business-like manner in your wonderful work on our MG Midget.”

In the next life, you will be canonized as, Saint Douglas of Morris Garage because of your continued rescue of poor MG owners.”

 Adrienne, MG Midget owner


“Doug is the Man. What he doesn’t know about English sports cars isn’t worth knowing. He came to collect my dead-to-the-world BJ8 Healey and breathed new life into it. He did the work in stages as money was available, storing it while it awaited the next phase. And, jeesum, you should see it now. It’s the Healey Monster, a little green beast of a car. Cheers!”

 Drew,  Austin-Healey owner


“Thank you for a quick response.  You are one of the best.  The car is better then good shape  It is fantastic workmanship by you.  Thanks,”

Tony,  1952 MG TD  owner


 “this car is in a basket ….. If it wasn’t for you Doug I wouldn’t have even bought it..” 

  Stu Cohen, 71 Lotus Elan 


” For ten years i struggled alone through the variegated minutia involved in restoration .At times the list appeared never-ending . certainly overwhelming …finally I brought the car to English Auto . Doug was a tremendous help . He did a fabulous job on the body, paint, interior and convertible tops.He ended up doing a lot of the mechanical work too.     Working with someone who is knowledgeable makes all the difference …”

John Chisholm 1959 Daimler SP 250 



”  What a great road trip . The car ran awesome!!! … thanks so much ” 

Brad Esty  MGB owner 



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