Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

The cost of a restoration is relative to three factors. The first is the current condition of the car. The second is the caliber of restoration to be performed. Lastly, the scope of work, which determines the number of different disciplines required.  For example, yours may be a comprehensive, frame-off project; body and paint only; rechrome only; interior only, new convertible top; etc. 

How extensive are your shop services?

We are a one stop shop, completing 75-85% of work in house. Some items we typically outsource are engine-related machine work or chroming.

Am I free to schedule shop services so it works within my budget?

Yes.  We fully understand that everyone’s budget constraints vary. We try to coordinate with each client so that they are comfortable with the cost of restoration progress. The average frame-off, full restoration takes approximately 10 months. It is not uncommon for similar restoration projects to be scheduled over the course of 3 years.

What is your billing policy?

We take a $500 deposit for minor repairs and a $1000 deposit on restoration work.  Both deposits are held as a retainer and are used to pay the last installment.  All bills are due upon receipt.  Depending on restoration activity, and the predetermined restoration schedule, you will receive a “production report” which describes the services rendered from the last report to the present time.  This may also include receipts from all vendors and photo documentation of progress, if requested.

Do you finance?

Typically we do not, as this helps keep our shop rates within reason.  Our general policy is that all bills are due upon receipt. If you have budgetary concerns then it’s not uncommon for us to receive monthly payments prior to  commencing or resuming your restoration. Once a significant amount of funds have been collected, we can schedule your work to commence and coordinate it so that it will be finished when your last payment is received.

Am I free to buy my own parts?

Yes.  However, as a distributor for many venders, we may be able to save you money both on the cost of the part and in shipping fees. If you are  interested in purchasing your own parts, we expect that those parts will be of acceptable quality, and delivered to us promptly when needed.  This is necesary to maintain not only your restoration project, but overall shop efficiency.

Will my vehicle be stored inside?

Yes. If your vehicle is undergoing an active restoration, it will be housed in our heated shop facility. Otherwise, vehicles waiting to undergo production will be housed in our storage facility.

Will your insurance cover my car while it is at your shop?

No. We have been storing vehicles for over 50 years with out major mishap. However, if you want the added security of your car being insured, contact your insurance carrier. Explain the circumstances and maintain a comprehensive coverage on the car. If that is inconvenient for you, then notify us prior to us taking delivery and we will arrange to have your car insured and forward you the premium.

How long have you been in business?

Over 50 years

What is your hourly rate?

$60 per hour

How do I get my car to your shop?

There are a number of companies that specialize in the long distance transporting of classic automobiles. They transport coast to coast. These transporters generally are insured and bonded and transport automobiles in a closed trailer.  We can arrange this service for you if you prefer.  For the service that these transporters provide, it probably cheaper that you think.  Once the car is restored, Concord Trailways Bus Service is right here in town or Bangor International Airport is just 35 minutes away.  At which time we would be happy to pick you up, maybe even in your own car!

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