Porsche 356

The owner requested a complete body restoration, after which he will do his own mechanical and electrical work.   Note the extensive rust repairs including fabrication of missing or damaged parts which  are required before finish work can proceed.

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  1. Dudley Gray
    Dec 11, 2015 @ 12:44:34

    Dear Ken, i’m sorry i called you Bill. My brother Jeff calls it cos disease. Anyway what a beautiful car. Since I am a pretty open person about my life , especially with Porsche let me begin here . I no longer own any of the wonderful assets I accumulated when I was young and foolish. Every thing with me was how to make it a profitable transaction. my first, in Munich Oct 1969 911 t coupe, 2.2 litre, Burgundy. for $5215.00 usd. It started to rust in Portland 1972 so i sold it. Bot a 1965 C Cab belonging to a girl Liele Janke for 2500 drove it for a couple years sold for 3400 to a friend of mine who crashed it on Baxter Blvd. Billy Soule ended up with it it , sent it to Stoddard in Ohio for the restoration . I have never seen it since . It was sky blue but now i understand it is red.
    My third was a silver 356 Speedster I found in Buxton beside a barn. 3000 later and a little TLC , new chrome wheels, etc etc . This was the best Porsche I ever owned. When I lived in Raymond onRt 121 i’d hit that corner at Dielectric and spin her around 360—- what balance., then go home i loved it. DGG


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