General Operating Policies

Having restored vehicles for well over 40 years we want your experience to be a pleasant one. Though we have a number of clients who have restored several automobiles, most just want the car of their dreams and certainly not a nightmare.

Here all full restoration projects are appraised for services to be rendered. We approach the restoration to perform those services in the best interest of the car, then balance your priorities and requirements against the caliber of restoration you are looking for. Once that has been accomplished the estimated allotment for each service area is placed on the “production sheet” which is used for billing purposes.

The customer is still at liberty to add or subtract from those service requirements and each adjustment is accompanied with a corresponding price change.  For example: an upgrade from stock exhaust to stainless steel or a down-grade from leather interior to vinyl would result in higher or lower cost, respectively.  This allows maximum flexibility to ultimately get the vehicle restored at a price you can afford.

Maine Sales Tax:
State of Maine now requires that all services and materials be charged five percent.

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